OILIVA GREKA – extra virgin olive oil

Griechische Flagge

Single origin from the fruity and aromatic Koroneiki olive of the Kalamata region.
Traditionally cultivated northwest of the capital of Messenia, Peloponnese.
Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)

OILIVA GREKA Produktübersicht

OILIVA GREKA - EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - delicious for salads, meats, pasta, fish and typical Mediterranean dishes.

Traditionally committed to quality - and good taste

Traditionally cultivated

This is where good things grow, as grandfather Barba-Stathis recognised at the beginning of the 19th century. With his first own olive grove he laid the foundation stone of the family business - and passed on his passion for olive trees to the following generations. For what are in part age-old trees and for skillful, traditional harvesting by hand... more...

Gently cold extracted

With finely tuned work steps and the experience required for exquisite quality. Influenced by devotion to these small, firm fruits and thanks to gentle processing directly after harvesting. When extra virgin olive oils are extracted with the greatest care from our olives, using exclusively mechanical methods, the OILIVA GREKA extra virgin olive oils are cold extracted... more...

Quality-conscious enjoyment

High quality Greek olive oil makes food special. For gourmets and people who simply enjoy good food. Pamper your pallet with the balanced taste of OILIVA GREKA extra virgin olive oil, and enjoy the health benefits. And those of your guests, to take a piece of the Mediterranean way of life back home... more...