Shopping and enjoyment

Extra virgin olive oil – a natural delight

High quality Greek olive oil makes food special. For gourmets and people who simply enjoy good food. Pamper your pallet with the balanced taste of OILIVA GREKA extra virgin olive oil, and enjoy the health benefits. And those of your guests, to take a piece of the Mediterranean way of life back home.

The olives for OILIVA GREKA extra virgin olive oils come from the sun-drenched Peloponnese in Greece. This is where our handpicked, single origin Koroneiki olives are also processed – gently. In the first 24 hours after harvesting and at temperatures below 27°C, until the finished olive oil is filtered and bottled following our family recipe in air-conditioned rooms before it reaches you.

Our extra virgin olive oils are available in well-stocked grocery stores, delicatessens and organic shops. In 0.5 l and 0.25 l slightly darkened bottles as well as for greater consumption needs, e.g., in catering, in recyclable 3.0 l and 5.0 l tinplate canisters. Carefully filled and sealed to protect the olive oil against light and air.

This preserves the valuable ingredients. Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, which ensure the excellent taste of OILIVA GREKA olive oils, with fruity aromatic nuances. With an acidity between 0.2 and 0.5%, which makes it an extra virgin olive oil. Natural, in typical consistency and colour. OILIVA GREKA tastes green, as connoisseurs who appreciate the subtle difference are quick to emphasise.

Large-scale customers

For commercial purchasers, we offer the option of purchasing in batches if large quantities are purchased. Like all OILIVA GREKA extra virgin olive oils, bottled and packed in line with IFS certification. Transportation is carried out worldwide ex grower from Greece or franco domicile by our logistics partners in Germany, as of a minimum purchase of one pallet.

Sample sets for commercial customers

Try for yourself, and find your favourite olive oil by OILIVA GREKA. At our sales outlet in Leer (East Friesland) we have, besides the normal bottles and canister sizes, sample sets with a selection of our extra virgin olive oils available for you. Always fresh, from the respective harvest year.