Production and quality

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The path to the best olive oil

With finely tuned work steps and the experience required for exquisite quality. Influenced by devotion to these small, firm fruits and thanks to gentle processing directly after harvesting. When extra virgin olive oils are extracted with the greatest care from our olives, using exclusively mechanical methods, the OILIVA GREKA extra virgin olive oils are cold extracted.

During the harvest the olives are freed from natural impurities. Manually, before they reach the nearby oil mill at mild temperatures and in open crates by land. In this way, light and air can complete their work before extra virgin olive oil is created from the pulp and kernel. In modern olive presses and by people who are familiar with the secrets of olive oil production.

Arriving in good condition – freshly harvested and undamaged. The transport crates were filled very carefully with the delicate fruits. And now they are washed with the same care. The individual batches from the different growers remain neatly separated. Throughout the entire production process, we attach great importance to guaranteeing the taste and quality of OILIVA GREKA olive oils.

Building on tradition, the technical processes continue to develop. The olives need to be processed hygienically and quickly, without long storage times. Using state-of-the-art technology, initially shredded in a mechanical stainless-steel chipper, the resulting olive pulp is slowly stirred in a closed stirring system. A decanter then separates the olive oil that is so eagerly awaited from this pulp in two stages.

An initial analysis of the acidity and consistency of the oil shows whether it meets our quality standards. Like a good wine, we also check for colour, aromas and taste. Simply delicious. And you can easily try this at homeTry it for yourself: With light or dark bread to suit your taste, freshly roasted, plenty of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt, preferably coarse, on top. A Mediterranean taste experience - delicious!. But we filter according to traditional family recipes in order to preserve the nuanced taste before our extra virgin olive oil is bottled in air-conditioned rooms and brought to you.